With the number of people surfing the Internet now in the billions, generating business through the Internet doing business on the Net has become omnipresent. Domains and websites have become valued properties and vehicles with which business is generated. Domains are quite comparable to real estate properties. The better the locations (ranking), the more valuable. So, what is a good location/property? We have provided information on this issue in the Information Segement.

Several key factors determine the value of domains and websites.

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While there are many measurues and factors that can "make" a domain or website, there are also many decisions and measures that can "break" your virtual assets

The key to success is to be informed before you make these decisions.

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When generating revenue and icome through sites, one can look at successful business models in the Internet sector and learn what people have done right or wrong.

Blogs are amongst the most successful revenue generating assets on the Internet.